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I sat tight-lipped in the car with my mom the entire commute to campus.

I didn’t know how she was gonna take the news and honestly, it was frustrating that I even felt the need to contemplate telling her.

Someone paid me

I had been praised in the past for my writing, but never had I been paid for it!

It was SO exciting for me to wow a company so much that they decided to pay me money for it!

But despite my excitement, something told me to keep it to myself…

But I didn’t.

You're the only person responsible for the outcome of your life.

I advocate for your right to authentically express yourself online and in life, and your ability to create financial and mental abundance because of it.

But it’s up to you to believe it’s possible.

It’s my mission to educate and advocate for those who want to express themselves authentically in life but feel their:

  • parents
  • job
  • friends
  • family
  • situation
  • physical appearance
  • “”lack” of skill and/or talent
Holds them back.


You’ve already figured out that there’s more to manifestation than, “think it, get it”…

But you don’t know where to start.
Or what to do the rest of the day when you’re not visualizing your future or journaling about your goals in the present tense.

Do you even need to do other personal development work if you’re told to “let go” of your desires?


Isn’t working on who you are around your desires a form of focusing?

That’s where this online space comes in.

 You’re an advocate for freedom of self-expression as a creator.

You know you want to live a life being authentic online and in life…

But your’e certain you have to show up a certain way or be lucky to be successful.


A little bit about me:

1. I’m happiest outside on a beautful summer day, writing for this blog or for mysefl, eating KAJSBJAHB, nerding-out over cartoons, and learning any and everything I can about self-improvement to better understand manifestation so I can share it with you.

If someone told me that a few years ago, I would’ve jumped off a cliff, Tina Belcher-moaning all the way down.

What do you mean I’m responsible for:

  • My boss not giving me a raise?
  • My partner not supporting me?
  • My mom critiquing everything I do?
And that’s just it:

If you’re letting 


And I know this because I was someone who spent a lot of my life giving all of my power away.

Ditching Adulthood mindset coach loa coach lifestyle blogger

I’m Cierra. A mindset & manifestation coach who runs this supportive space on the internet.

I’m OBSESSED with personal development, writing, the subconscious mind, and FOOD.

And I’m also obsessed with helping you create a life you actually love.

Because you’ve spent far too long listening to the advice of everyone else instead of ever trusting your gut about the path you actually desire to take for your life.

Because you’ve believed that there’s no way out of a job you’re not thrilled about.

Because you believe those creatives who’ve made it living their dream life were just “the lucky ones.”

But through journeying to intentionally create the life of my dreams, you’ll see someone who’s like a good friend make the strides you wish you could.

And it will motivate you to do it yourself.

It looks impossible to ever be where people like Oprah, Marie Forleo, or Lisa Nichols is now.

So here’s the place where you WILL be watching someone who meets you right where you are, and guides you to do great things YOU want for your life.

Because I’m only a few steps farther than you, which will keep you from wasting time and will have you on a faster track toward the life you truly want to live than I had.

You’re a writer, and deep down you know lifestyle blogging should be your next step!

  • You have a ton of interests.
  • You love sharing and discovering things people love using and doing.
  • You have an interest in photography.

You’re absolutely certain that you were meant for a more liberating and creative lifestyle and working culture than the buttoned-up 9-5 you’re currently working.

But despite wanting to build a business around blogging, you’re concerned about being able to truly make it financially.

You’re concerned that you’ll never be able to buy a full-sized tube of that Drunken Elephant moisturizer without batting an eye.

Or to travel someday to Bali like all the other personal developement influencers takes trips to.