How to Make Time for Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like It

You’re laser-focused on making the business you’re building from home, work.

Or maybe you’re in the trenches of your work and have hit overwhelm. Paralyzed over the thought of making a decision, you become stuck and no longer desire to do much of anything.

Regardless of the process, you eventually begin to neglect some vital things in your life:

  • Eating meals period, let alone healthy meals (and no, a daily protein bar, though filling, doesn’t count).
  • Spending time with family and friends.
  • Showering consistently.
  • Housework.
  • Washing up.

You tell yourself you’ll make time for yourself today, but the “priority” gets pushed back further and further until you decide you’ll, “do it tomorrow.”

But tomorrow never comes.

So how do you make time to take care of yourself when you feel like everything else truly is more important?

Or if you’ve fallen into a depression and can’t lift your little finger without moaning about how big of a waste of time it is.

Listen, I’m still hard at work on this myself. But I’ve learned some pretty cool techniques recently that I’m excited to both try and share with you.

We tend to put ourselves on the backburner when we have bigger fish to fry, and we never redirect ourselves back to the hub of what matters: ourselves!

How do we expect to keep chugging along for everything else that matters so much to us if we keep neglecting our own needs?

We won’t be around long enough to continue caring for other things if we don’t take care of ourselves first.


There have been times in my life where I’m so overwhelmed with to my do lists that I can’t think of anything past how I’m failing to get anything done.

In bed anime gif for personal hygiene during depression


Sometimes, “I don’t have time for myself” can become, “I don’t even see the point.” But we’re gonna fix all of that by making a gameplan with plenty of options for you to chose from:

  • 3 ways to tackle taking care of yourself.
  • What you need for your personal hygiene goals.
  • Simplify your routine.
  • Distract yourself by multitasking.
  • Unf*ck your habits.

Getting excited yet? I know I am. I’m ready for change and I hope you are too!

Sometimes depression wins the battle, just don’t let it win the war. (TWEET THIS!)

And even if you’re in a space where you just don’t have the energy to do anything anymore, it’s still important to prioritize time to take care of yourself daily. Let’s break it down, shall we?

3 Ways to Tackle Taking Care of Yourself

When things got really bad and I realized I needed to change something ASAP, I turned to Dr. Google and its physician’s assistant, Pinterest, for help. And now it’s time for you to take what I’ve found and apply it to your life when needed.

You have to find an angle that works for you when you’re ready to start jumping a hurdle such as this, and I have a few options for you to try out.

Eat the Frog

Eating the frog is still something I struggle with… not because I’m literally eating a frog. But because I don’t know which of my neglected tasks I should do as soon as my eyes open in the morning.

If there’s something you just can’t find yourself making time for during your day because you’re not disciplined enough to stop everything else and do it (ME.), then eat that frog and do it first thing!

If it’s a bigger task you dread doing or just can’t get around to, break it up into smaller bits with a timer (which I’ll talk about more in-depth below).

The 5-Second Rule

always forget about the 5-second rule, but maybe it’ll serve you better. And no, this isn’t about grabbing food off the ground to consume before 5 seconds are up. It’s way less gross than that. It’s actually from a book about productivity. 😉

Mel Robbins is honest about her technique in her book: it’ll take YOU do get past your barriers and do the work… but you can do that work much much much much easier if you count down from 5.





AND GO! Jump up from your bed/slumber/excuses/bar stool where you’ve been checking them out your love-at-first-sight/dining room table where you’ve been procrastinating/seat at the networking function so you can actually network, and MAKE SOME PROGRESS.

No outcome is promised by getting off your butt and/or moving your legs to get the things you procrastinate getting done, done, but you’re giving yourself zero time to talk yourself out of doing what you’re hesitant about doing by counting down.

And you’d never know how things would turn out if you constantly talked about what you coulda, woulda, shoulda done in your head, but never did it.

Use a Timer

This requires some discipline, but it’s an excellent way to keep track of time (duh) and stay focused on a task at hand.

The Pomodoro Method is my favorite way to use the timer method. It’s when you work on something nonstop for a set amount of time (say 20 minutes), and you take a short break after each 20-minute interval. After 4 rounds of working 20 minutes on different things, you get a longer break. Like 10 minutes or so.

You can make work intervals last as long as you want! 30 minutes of work, an hour… and same with breaks. Make it a 15-minute one if you’re upping your focus time.

And if you’re someone who has to constantly deal with interruptions from things like kids or a bathroom break, then pause the clock and resume ASAP. Like I said, discipline is necessary, and is something I’m still working on.

But I love the layout of the Pomodoro Method for sure!

What You Need for Your Personal Hygiene Goals

Now that we’ve figured out some ways to get you moving, it’s time to utilize some tips and tricks for your hygiene goals.

Yes, your personal hygiene maintenance is a goal now! There’s no shame in this. Life and how we live it is a learning process, and I’m here to help you come up with ways to navigate it as best you can. 🙂

So after searching for help online with how to take better care of yourself hygienically when you just don’t feel like making time, I found this Reddit conversation that created a huge shift in my mindset and actually got me excited to try taking care of myself again.

There are tips in the conversation to help you build out a routine even if that means just splashing water on your face or trying to set a particular day a week where you do one single hygienic thing.

My biggest takeaway from the Reddit forum was to take baby infant steps to creating routine again.

You’ll have to read the conversation yourself to see which pieces of advice will click for you.

It felt good to know there were people who I could relate to. And felt empowered to know that some people had personal solutions as to how they fought self-neglect to begin taking care of themselves.

Allow me to break down the forum into bite-sized pieces for you.

This post contains affiliate links! So if you were to buy through my link, I get a small chunk of change from your purchase at no extra cost to you. But don’t fret, I only promote items that I truly love, enjoy, and use. =)

How to Make Time for Yourself When You Don't Feel Like It | When you're working at home to create your own successful business, you may neglect some self-care necessities. You ARE building a business! But that's no excuse; here's how you can take care of yourself while you work hard at home so you're always in your best condition to keep building your best self.

The Best Way to Prioritize Taking the Time to Take Care of Yourself

As I said earlier, one of the biggest (and maybe most obvious) eye-openers for me in that Reddit forum was to take baby steps.

So spread out your tasks day-by-day to decrease overwhelm and feelings of defeat; just take it slowly and in bite-sized chunks!

I definitely don’t want you giving up on yourself, but I do want you to be realistic in your approach toward changing for the better.

Here are a few examples of how you can take baby steps with your personal hygiene routine:

How to Make Time for Yourself When You Don't Feel Like It | When you're working at home to create your own successful business, you may neglect some self-care necessities. You ARE building a business! But that's no excuse; here's how you can take care of yourself while you work hard at home so you're always in your best condition to keep building your best self.
How to Make Time for Yourself When You Don't Feel Like It | When you're working at home to create your own successful business, you may neglect some self-care necessities. You ARE building a business! But that's no excuse; here's how you can take care of yourself while you work hard at home so you're always in your best condition to keep building your best self.

Simplified Ways to Care for Your Face:

  • Water-only washup. Splashing water on your face is a step in the right direction of personal hygiene, and it’s a step you can easily build on down the line. Whatever it takes to start. (Pssst! You can also upgrade this step by gently exfoliating with a konjac sponge! I’ll explain it down below.)
  • Exfoliate with this sponge for a quick, extra step. If you’d like to do a little more than splash water on your face, you could do a gentle exfoliation with a konjac facial sponge. Konjac sponges are made from natural fibers derived from the konjac plant (not actual sponges!) so it’s vegan. They come in different colors to help treat different skin ailments, and I truly feel my sponge has not only quickened my routine but has also helped with my acne scarring and smaller acne issues.
  • Facial wipes. If splashing water on your face seems like too much some days, then wipe your face with a facial wipe instead. I’ve used Simple products in the past and love what they create, but have never used their facial wipes. I hear good things about them, and you can’t get any more minimal than that!

Simplified Ways to Care for Your Body:

Amazon Konjac Sponge affiliate link image

  • Sponge baths and/or baby wipes. Take a sponge bath or use baby wipes instead of prepping for a cleanup in the shower. If you’re feeling more energetic or are willing to spend more time on yourself, a shower will probably be the better way to go. But a sponge bath can be quicker than a jump in, jump out shower ever could be on those real struggle days!
  • Use all-in-one products. Wash up, wash your hair, and wash your face all in one(ish) sweep with a multipurpose product. People rave about Dr. Bronners Castile Soap, and REAL African Black Soap. You can also moisturize in a similar manner by using a safe natural moisturizer like jojoba oil all over your face and body.
  • Freshen-up with fresh clothes. If you can muster the energy, switching to a new pair of PJs or clothes may make you feel a little bit better too. I know putting your old clothes back on after washing up can make you feel as dull as before.
  • Simplifying your dental hygiene. If you need to, just brush your teeth with water. Or just floss and rinse. Work up to adding more to your ritual as you get more and more comfortable with trying to take care of yourself.
  • Fast snacks. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten crap and felt like crap as a result. It’s true, you are what you eat. But it’s so easy to reach for fast and unhealthy options within reach so we can get right back to work. Or it feels like it’s the best option for what little energy we can muster up. But grabbing something like an apple with peanut butter or granola.

Distract Yourself Through the Tasks

Sometimes just having a good distraction will help you through unbearable tasks–whether it’s tidying up the house with music in your ears, or trimming your toenails while watching Netflix.

So I came with a few methods/distractions that may help the time fly a little faster for you.

  • Play music. Create an upbeat playlist (or whatever genre of music that gets you going) to get through hygienic tasks.
  • Netflix or TV it up. If I know I can autopilot a task (like taking my twists down), I may do something like watch Netflix or YouTube while I do it. Instead of thinking about how draining personal hygiene is, why not get distracted while doing it? Works wonders.
  • Pomodoro method. As talked about above, you can download an app that allows you to space-out rather than look at the clock. With the Pomodoro Method, you don’t even have to think about how much time has passed doing a task that seems to go on forever. With the Pomodoro method, you can put that you wanna work through something for 5, 15, 25+ minutes straight, then give yourself a suitable break in-between. A structured time-saver for me.
  • Treat yo’self. Make hygiene a liiiiittle more fun by adding a bath bomb to your bath, or spraying something nice in the bathroom before going in to wash your face.
  • Weekly reminders. I consider this a distraction because you’re able to go into autopilot for hygienic tasks you only feel like you have to do once a week. Just set an alarm on your phone to go off once a week to do those tasks; that’s one less thing to pile onto your painful mental list.

Unf*ck Your Habitat

This is the last tip I’ll give you from this Reddit post (don’t forget to read it to get all the tips!), but it’s a Tumblr blog for setting small tasks to get things done around the house that overwhelms you.

Someone in the Reddit forum said they applied it and now it helps both their tasks (like laundry) and their personal hygiene!

 Let’s Talk…

I want this online space to be a safe space for you or anyone else who comes here. It’s not easy pursuing an unconventional path in life; many people won’t understand it or what makes you authentically happy.

That’s where taking care of yourself along this journey comes in, and I want to help as best I can with that. We’re on this journey together!

So let’s keep in touch. I have a mailing list called The Scoop where I send an occasional email to not only connect with you, but to share finds I love and to tell you first when anything drops.

I’d love for you to join if you’re a creative wanting to build a platform and presence online. We’ll have fun, I promise. Oh! And I always reply to emails to; it’s a community after all! 🙂

So two things before you leave: sign up to be apart of my email community, and check out this great post on using baby steps to get crazy-amazing things done within a year.


See you soon, and thanks for sticking around to the end!

Cierra M

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