If you're wondering how to be intentional on the go once you're done with your journaling sesh, then read every word on this page...

Can we get real for a second, my spiritually-curious Christian?

I know you’re curious about manifestation, but don’t feel you have anywhere safe to turn to inquire about it.

I know you’ve gotten crystals in the mail and had to tell your family they’re just decoration.

And I know you’ve seen people in that manifestation Facebook group say that practicing manifestation and other spirituality tools actually got them closer to God.

And you wonder–eagerly–how you can do that, too.

 It’s not like you want to stray from God–quite the opposite! 


You keep reading Bible verses and even some devotionals, but it’s a similar feeling to when you scroll past an Instagram quote you can resonate with:


Resonating, empowering, aaaand then fleeting as you continue with your day.

And being told to “just pray” is as vague as “just journal”: where do you even start?

It just doesn’t feel right or helpful to constantly be told to “just read your Bible/pray” when you know that manifestation exists, and you’re curious about this more tactical way of changing your life.


What else is out there that may click for you? That you can use to supplement prayer and the Bible?


It’s not your fault that you keep getting curious about other ways to connect to God (and no, I don’t believe it’s the devil trying to lead you astray).


It’s not like you want to be running around with this pull to do things differently.


But you feel unheard and stuck when being vaguely told to read your Bible and pray to solve every single emotion, trauma, and generational curse.


You’ve felt frustrated having family tell you who they believe you REALLY are.


Anytime they speak their two cents, it ruins your day and mood.


And you’ve listened to every self-help book out there to try to figure out ways to create change in your life.


Where do you turn when your life feels stagnant and no one around you is willing to listen.

But I'm here to tell you, it's not your fault.

You see, those people (yes even loved ones) weren’t meant to understand your creative and free-spirit.

They are not you, and if you’re wanting this cycle of stagnancy and disappointment to end, then you need to be the person to break it.

We’re not meant to be people who blindly follow rules on “how to be a Christian” when it’s only being told to us by other people who find a narrow way that works for them, and expects you to follow suit or head to hell.

And that just doesn’t feel right.

So getting ahead without putting God in a box, and being able to show up safely asking questions and exploring without being shamed or sentenced to hell would be heavenly (no pun intended), no?

That’s why you need a game plan to take with you daily past the developmental journaling prompts and meditations that only last a half an hour out of each 24-hour day.


The Christian-Friendly Quantum Manifestation Bundle

A bundle of # templates, and # mini-trainings to help accelerate your intentional manifestation journey daily, with God at the head, and on-the-go.


*add an even if… and/or try to release it to a moment from the top.


A one sentence as to why now. What they’re missing out on or how great it’ll be after.

FAQs smart people ask before investing:

Since this is such a low-level investment for a digital product, all sales are final with this bundle (unless something comes up where I can no longer deliver. Then refunds will be given).

Everything will be ready by May 18th at the latest. I’m giving myself this deadline because my time is limited as an at-home caregiver and I don’t wanna rush creating your goodies.

In order to receive your product when it’s finished, I NEED you to send me your Paypal email used to purchase at hello(at)whenshemanifests(dot)com.


Then send me the best email address to reach you (I know some of y’all have old hotmail accounts linked to Paypal still, haha).

Snag it for only $9

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What's Included

About Cierra

Hey there, I’m Cierra. A writer, blogger, and manifestation coach and mentor for spiritually-curious Christians ready to be proactive with their personal growth.

Understanding the power you truly have over your life is SUCH a powerful realization as you co-create your beautiful life with Christ.


And I can’t wait to journey with you as you discover your full potential to live your beautiful, dreamy life.