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Done! Your Ideal Dream Day/Week Map-Out freebie is on the way to your inbox. But while you wait…

Grab the Embodied Identity Bundle to compliment your freebie for the lowest it'll ever be.

The Embodied Identity Bundle includes:

  • Morning Routine Idea and Personal List worksheet
  • Night Routine Idea and Personal List worksheet
  • The Reframe Playbook featured in the Create¬†Your Portable Affirmation mini Zine video so you can reframe common negative inner dialogues on the go
  • A Google Doc workbook with these identity exercises:
    • Journaling Prompts around your identity, who you want to become, why, and how to begin the transformative process
    • Transformative Belief Graph worksheet
    • Empowering Non-Negotiables Life Rules List
    • I AM statement personal list

(Google Docs also available as PDFs!)

Hurry! Deal expiring soon!

About Cierra

Hey there, I’m Cierra. A writer, foodies, and manifestation mentor. Using said manifestation to intentionally become a UX/UI designer.

Understanding the power you truly have over your life is SUCH a powerful realization as you co-create your beautiful life with Christ.


And I can’t wait to journey with you as you discover your full potential to live your beautiful, dreamy life.