The Truth About Manifestation: A Skeptic’s Testimonial + Tips on How to Start

This is an updated post from November 8, 2016.

I wouldn’t have ever believed manifestation was possible until I lost almost everything I had hoped for.

This summer was life-changing for me, and not in the “this was the best year at summer camp EVER!” type of life-changing summer.

Instead, I went from feeling worthless and invaluable in every way (financially, physically, spiritually, etc.), to landing two small jobs I had applied to three months prior (I wrote a whole post about that magical blessing and how it occurred) and GENUINELY being grateful for everything that is, comes, and goes in my life.

I love myself now in a way I didn’t even know was possible, and all of these changes transpired thanks to me learning and mindfully implementing manifestation in my life.

My mindset was the only thing left I could change at my rock bottom, and I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned and experienced.

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On July 10th 2016, something in me had reached its absolute wit’s end and I shut down everything:

  • My blog
  • My Facebook and its messenger
  • My Instagram posts
  • Myself…

The only thing I kept an active glance toward was Twitter so I could feel even a hint of inspiration.Facebook Status Before Embracing Power of Thought

I felt like I was in a hopeless dark hole I was once in several years ago, and the whole “power of thought” concept was laughable at the time.

I honestly prayed I never would fall into that hole again, but there I was. Still just as dark and engulfing, still just as frightening.

Started from the Bottom: Pre-Manifestation Belief

I’d just like you to be aware of where my head was at before I desperately groped for anything to help me feel better.

At that time, what few activities I could even muster to think of left me absolutely bored within the minute.

I’d stare at my most current leisurely read I was hungrily reading only a couple of days earlier, and leave it unopened. I’d take the elastic closure off from around my journal only to put it back in place all within one fluid movement.

I could still feel this heavy cloak of sadness over my shoulders even during the few times I’d laugh.

That day I even accidentally dropped my laptop, and truly didn’t care to check if it broke… If I were to even OPEN it to check.

TLDR; I was in a dark dark place mentally.

So I bought this book called *Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

Literally shifted around some of the last money I had from commission third party jewelry sales to buy it, but I got it.

I could not tell you where I had originally discovered that book, but I found it on an Amazon list I had made and curiously looked into it again.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Synapsis

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza is about rewiring your mental workings to truly understand how your brain works, and how to fix it when it’s in a negative state.

And a negative state encompasses more than you think; being mindful and reflective of your thoughts becomes a 24/7 job.

But this isn’t some hocus-pocus fluff book about a shallow “think it, get it!” concept. Even though this book teaches you how the power of thought can change your reality, it does so in a scientific and engaging manner.

I don’t know how many resources I’ve ran across in the past that made me roll my eyes, but this book answers all your questions with either research, testimonials, or science before you’re too far gone into “this is BS” land.

My First Manifestation Epiphany

On July 15th I hit my first epiphany with Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. It was my fifth day of reading, underlining, and note-taking, and I started realizing the book was making some really important points.

Here are some notes I typed out during my active reading:

DAY 5 (JULY 15th)

First major epiphany in awhile while reading this book…

After so much reading, you learn WHY things manifest into reality. Then you also learn that we’re conditioned to ONLY be grateful for what we already have!

Start being thankful for a new reality and the things you want to exist in it. Because it’s already true! (Read the book, trust me, it makes more sense if you do).

I did this practice (along with everything else I learned) right before bed early this morning about happiness and finances, and the next day my mom called my cousin back (who randomly called) asking how much I charged to possibly do yarn twists in his girlfriend’s hair.

I’ve NEVER done anyone else’s hair before, I haven’t seen his girlfriend in like a year for her to know (or remember?) my yarn twists, and she’s been getting it done in all sorts of styles without my help in the past.


Transitioning into Something More

Early into the third week of my mindfulness journey, I began the meditating portion of the book (it was highly recommended to read the book chronologically, and I did so).

The first day was amazing and I almost sat the whole meditation time, but the next few days made me personally wonder one major thing:

What do I do the other 23.5 hours of the day when I’m not meditating?

On July 27th, I looked outside of meditation for something that fit my lifestyle (and piqued interest) better, and found a journal prompt article I like by Tiny Buddah and an article I LOVE by them about writing with faith of getting what you want.

I also found a book about money that changed my life just a few days later.

Manifestation When it Comes to Money

The power of thought was already in my system after reading a majority of *Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, but I wanted to see how I could be intentional with it throughout the day.

I’m the type of person who needs structure and guidance, especially with something I’m so new to.

So again, I’m not sure how I ran across it (maybe it was already in my Amazon list?), but the book *Get Rich, Lucky B*tch! had rave reviews and actionable steps toward breaking money blocks in your life. And it started working right away for me.

The Truth About Manifestation: A Skeptic's Testimonial + Tips on How to Start Believing | I didn't understand manifestation or law of attraction until I had these tools. One of which explained the science behind manifestation, got me in the zone because of its concreteness, and gave me results (like landing two jobs that helped me get extra change for an international trip!). Read all about it if you're a skeptic. I sure once was! :)

More Excitement Than I Can Write

With the first book under my belt, I was more open and willing to take in the manifestation and perspective talk the book had to offer. But it’s literally enough information for a whole ‘nother post.

So another post I wrote! =)

The outcome of working hard daily to change my mind, myself, and my reactions to life’s happenings led to me going from making $0 every month, to landing two small work-from-home jobs I had applied for over 3 months prior in less than two weeks!

Don’t worry, I have pictures of what I did and everything! I’m so excited to share this!

And if all of this interests you, be sure to sign up for my free 5-day course on manifestation for skeptics!I mean it’s free, it’ll be clarifying without the “light and universe manifests our spiritual desires to our beings” hippie-drippy talk,  so you’re not losing out on anything!

It’s free, it’ll be clarifying without the “light and universe manifests our spiritual desires to our inner beings” hippie-drippy talk, and it’ll be entertaining! So you’re not losing out on anything by signing up! 🙂

Enjoy your life’s journey, and I’ll see you soon! 😉

Cierra M

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