Why Investing in $5 Sweatshirts Gives Me a Better Quality of Life

You really have to be in-tune with what has a mental hold on you. In my case, it was old apparel from my middle school, high school, and college career.

*This post contains affiliate links! So if you were to buy through my link, I get a small chunk of change from your purchase. But don’t fret, I only promote items that I truly love, enjoy, and use. =)

This isn’t meant to be clickbait, clothing can really be a mental block.

The irritation you feel when you remember you have to jiggle the handle on the toilet in order for it to flush…

The flash of disgust you feel when you see the mysterious stain on your carpet that manpower just doesn’t work on…

It all can add up to how your mindset functions.

I’m just talking about plain ol’ Haines or Fruit of the Loom sweatshirts you find in Walmart… and them being quality of life upgrades for me.

Now the reason why they’re upgrades all has to do with being aware of how feel, something that’s so so important to be mindful of when navigating life.

I’ll explain more down below. =)

I came to this conclusion as I was reading Get Rich, Lucky B*tch! last year. You know, the book I raved about and had written posts about here and here?

The author made a point to mention the mood and perspective boost that can happen when you upgrade smaller things in your life, and upgrade them bit by bit.

And also not to go full-throttle on those upgrades; start a notch or two up rather than the big, mega-expensive shebang.

This isn’t an eeny-meeny-miney-mo investment either. Choose things that subconsciously make you feel cruddy–that’s where the quality of life aspect plays into this lifestyle shift!

Let me explain…

The Quality of Life Breakdown

If this is confusing, think of upgrading things that would make you feel better inside and/or out:

  • perfume
  • underwear
  • workout gear
  • seasonal outfits
  • shoes
  • writing utensils
  • art supplies
  • planner
  • healthier snacks

So essentially, this is all personal! Don’t think about keeping up with the Jones’… What would make you feel happier/calmer/saner/prettier/sexier/more professional/refreshed?

That’s where my need for new cold season gear comes in, and why I decided to choose plain sweatshirts as my first intentional investment toward a better quality life.

I already look very young, and that’s an insecurity of mine… So why would I validate that feeling with clothing from the days when I was school???

It reminds me that I look like a child, it reminds me that I don’t look like I try, it reminds me that I recycle the same 2 or 3 outfits endlessly.


I got a plain sweatshirt or two last year, and this year? I invested in some “thermal underwear” to replace my OLD AF gray shirt and fleece lined leggings I’d wear as an extra layer of warmth.

Learning about minimalism a few months ago has also made me par-down on what I own, and really think about what items truly make me feel the coziest without making me feel frumpy and equivalent to a piece of poo as the temperature drops.

Here’s what on my minimalist wishlist (is this an oxymoron? ?). Some owned as of super recently, others shall stay on my list until The One is found and owned:

  • A blanket-like cardigan to wrap around me.
  • A roomy light blue jean jacket (I can wear it all year-round)
  • Black mock neck turtlenecks (Steve Jobs’ material, not a knit! … but mock neck!).
  • A chunky knit tri black sweater.
  • An olive green sweater (with a better fit than mine, light or heavy).
  • An oatmeal sweater.
  • A mustard sweater.

And I think that’s it when it comes to clothes! I would like to feel better about what I wear during the colder months, and that involves an upgrade.

Even if they’re small upgrades starting out.

Why it’s Not About What You Spend

Mindfulness is all about awareness (duh) and feeling.

And for most of my life, I’ve dreaded the colder months here in the Midwest.

There’s almost nothing I enjoy about summer’s end, and I recently realized I don’t help the situation much by dressing in pretty much the same three outfits in rotation.

Especially when I’m wearing the same two or three hoodies from middle school and high school.

Why it’s About How You Feel

I already get frustrated with how young I look in general, and when colder/darker seasons come about I just devolve into a grumpy bundle.

So this year? I’m wanting plain sweatshirts to replace my MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL SWEATSHIRTS. *facepalm*

I realized how wearing those (and a lot of my underlayers to keep me warm that need an upgrade as well) makes me feel, and it isn’t a good feeling about myself at all.

So why not fix it?

How $5 Sweatshirts Give Me a Better Quality of Life | Creating a better quality of life for yourself involves you getting off autopilot, and start changing what will help your mindset first. Read on to learn how $5 sweatshirts did it for me, and how it can help you!

Where to Start with Your Upgrade

If you want to work on creating a better quality of life for yourself, start with becoming mindful of what within your life makes you feel a little funky.

And what in life bring you joyous vibes.

But aside from pinpointing what makes you feel blah, make a smaller upgrade if your desired upgrade is at a luxurious top-tier price (or it’s not something you can realistically afford to upgrade to at the moment).

Tell me, what would be the first intentional upgrade you’d make in your life? I’d love to hear about it down in the comments!

If you’re not a comments person, be sure to join my intimate bi-weekly mailing list called The Scoop. We discuss personal development things to better your life, and it’s where all the goods are when they come!

See you next week!

Cierra M

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